Five Money-Saving AC Tips For Business Owners

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As a business owner, managing expenses is important. This makes efficiency a major priority for entrepreneurs. Your intent is to monitor all of these costs, but the reality is that the constant day-to-day surprises of business ownership along with that mile-long to-do list keep you from watching all of the things youʻd like to keep your eye on. That’s why we have compiled this resource of energy saving tips to help you manage those environmental expenses this quarter.

Tip #1: Regular maintenance can save you thousands

With so many demands for your attention, it can be easy to neglect your HVAC system. This, unfortunately, means that your system may not be operating efficiently and may even have underlying issues that could lead to major repair or total replacement. Choose two months of the year (one in the spring and one in the fall) to have an HVAC specialist come out to replace your filters, inspect your unit and service your system to prevent inefficient operating or major system damage.

Tip #2: Your system has its own preferences

Your system’s most efficient settings may not provide the level of comfort you or your customers would hope for. If your system is not the right fit for your needs, trying to make it over-perform may cost you more than making sure you have the right system. Often, offices expand as space becomes available, but infrastructure is not necessarily expanded to meet the new demand. Which brings us to…

Tip #3: The right system can nearly cut your bill in half

If you have an outdated HVAC system, not only are you missing out on the benefits that modern systems provide for indoor air quality and comfort, but you could also be doubling your HVAC energy bill by using dated technology and equipment standards.

Modern systems can operate with the highest of efficiency. Some systems even allow operators to set different parts of the building at different temperatures when appropriate to prevent the extra burden on the system.

With a programmable system, you’ll be able to control your systems use by optimizing the settings to either drop or increase the set temperature during non-business hours. However, in order to promote energy efficiency, you’ll want to limit the adjustments that your system has to make. Sticking to business hours ensures that your system goes through minimal adjustments, while also keeping your business comfortable for employees and customers.

Tip #4: There are free ways to improve your HVAC efficiency

By simply opening and closing blinds, you can control the sunʻs impact on your building and prevent it from overheating your customers. Everyone has experienced sitting comfortably in a restaurant or cafe just before the sun hits that certain angle in relation to the window that makes it almost unbearable to stay in that seat.  Take advantage of this free resource to save money for your business.

Tip #5: Your high bill could be due to your building and not your system

f you have the right system in place and you’re maximizing its efficiency and employing best practices, there are other ways your space can impact your cooling bill. Windows, doors, ducting and other points of vulnerability that aren’t sealed properly can be compromising the efficiency of your HVAC system. Poor insulation and/or poor design can be allowing thermal (heat) transfer into your building, cutting the efficiency of your system. Keep your building comfortable efficiently by sealing your building and having it checked.

We want to see our local community thrive with energy efficient and comfortable HVAC systems in local businesses and homes. Contact Elite Mechanical to schedule your routine maintenance or unit inspection today.